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FoodDrinkEurope position: digital labelling

Digital labels on our food and drink can help us make better choices

Whether it’s knowing how sustainable our food is to how nutritious it is, providing consumers with the right information in a transparent and accessible manner is at the heart of building more sustainable food systems. Europe’s food and drink manufacturers provide a wealth of information about their products – from ingredients, nutritional value, allergens, durability, to cooking and storing instructions, amongst others – directly on the label. Yet more and more, consumers and public authorities are demanding an ever-increasing amount of information to be provided on-pack, while the amount of space available on-pack is limited. Incorporating digital solutions onto the food label can meet consumers’ appetite for more information, overcoming the space constraints of physical labels whilst reducing the generation of packaging waste. The COVID-19 pandemic and the development of the digital COVID-19 passport have increased consumer awareness, literacy, acceptance, and use of digital tools, like QR codes.

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