Yavor Stefanov: Closeness to the customers is one of the biggest advantages of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria

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‘Our aspiration is to do the right things in the right retail outlets’ said our sales director in an interview with Capital

This year is also the first for you personally as Sales Director of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria. Which of your ideas and goals did you manage to implement during these 9 months?

In my view, 2022 was invigorating, challenging and above all rewarding. During the more than 17 years that have passed, in which I have been part of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, I have been convinced that the most important key skill is to be able to store and to pass on to the team a high level of energy for everything you do - continuously challenging the status quo, searching for more efficient ways to achieve your common goals, experimenting and trying something new whenever you get the chance. And all this happens when you genuinely like what you do, it brings you satisfaction and you have team affiliation.

I will not hide that, taking stock, I am happy with the achieved business results. For the past 9 months, we have had sales growth, reaching the highest levels for the last 14 years, and record revenues since Coca-Cola Hellenic is in Bulgaria. But I will also remember the year for the ‘human face’ of the business - with our highly motivated sales team, with the significant growth compared to last year in the sense of commitment of colleagues in our latest internal survey, and with the proven high loyalty of our customers. For me, these have always been the three priority pillars that underpin the success of any commercial organization.

The truth is that a company, even one with the scale and popularity of Coca-Cola, cannot reap success without the support of its team and partners. Together we proved that challenges bring us together and make us stronger and united. And this helps us to continue to follow the goals we have set for ourselves and to feel satisfaction from well-deserved successes.

With what plans and expectations the Sales Director of the company will welcome the New Year - you can read in his interview for Capital.