Stefan Galabov: We continue investments in the modernization of our plants in Kostinbrod and Bankya during 2023

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The CFO of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria in an interview for the special edition of “Progressive” magazine - "Top 300 FMCG companies in Bulgaria"

For yet another year, Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria topped "Progressive" magazine’s "Top 100 FMCG Manufacturers in Bulgaria" ranking, where companies were weighed according to net sales revenue for 2021. On this occasion, the CFO of the company - Stefan Galabov, answered a few questions posed by the magazine's team.

What defined 2022 for you?

We had a challenging but also interesting year. We are experiencing unprecedented levels of inflation - we are faced with the complex task of managing exponential growth in the prices of energy resources and raw materials needed for production. This has required the business to look for new ways to remain relevant in the marketplace and invest in innovative technologies and processes that ensure energy efficiency, reduced resource consumption and help achieve our long-term business goals.

We are proud that in 2022 we became the first in the country to introduce tethered caps to Bankya mineral water bottles, which contribute to easier and more efficient collection and recycling of packaging. With every action, we also strive to set a good example for our partners and customers, who we hope will follow in our footsteps as part of their business.

What can we expect in the coming year from your company?

Coca-Cola is not halting growth. In 2023 we will continue to invest in the modernization of our factories and warehouses in Kostinbrod and Bankya, and we intend to invest more than 17 million leva, with a major focus on improving our energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and optimizing resources. We will continue to innovate in terms of processes, product portfolio and packaging to help us and our partners continue to grow successfully together.

The full interview with Stefan Galabov can be found “Progressive” magazine’s special edition - "Top 300 FMCG companies in Bulgaria"