Neli Angelova: Being active is an attitude that Nestlé Bulgaria has been standing up for 18 years

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This is a initiative that over time has grown from a one-off event into a national movement, says Nestlé's communications director for the Southeast market
- Mrs. Angelova, Nestlé's winter edition for Live Actively gathered nearly 10,000 people at the largest ice rink in the Balkans, and most of them were children and teenagers - how do you make to get the youngest people moving, who traditionally prefer to be active interactively?
- I am tempted to answer you emotionally and tell you that we manage to "move" young people with the great desire and energy that we put into the "Nestle for Live Active". But the truth is that, apart from the desire and enthusiasm, behind this biggest initiative promoting physical activity in the country, there is a daily, persistent and constant communication and organizational work of many people - every day, day by day, we strive, together with the circle from our like-minded people and partners, to promote the benefit of movement and expand the range of opportunities for active-useful entertainment. The cause is really big, because being active is more than moving, taking care of your health and mood - being active is a civic position that depends on what kind of society we live in.