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Predrag Milincic, director of Mars Bulgaria

Sustainable business is at the core of Mars, Inc.'s operations. What are your plans to keep the planet and society we live in healthy?

Five years ago, Mars, Inc. launched the Sustainable in a Generation Plan, specifically focused on the following areas: a Healthy Planet, which aims to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and environmental impact; Thriving People, where the focus is on respecting human rights, unlocking opportunities for women and improving the living conditions of all people as well as supply chain partners; Welfare Care, which aims to improve the quality of nutrition and health of people and animals so that they lead happier and healthier lives.

Since the company Mars, Inc. present in 80 countries with approximately 140 thousand employees and having a larger carbon footprint in some countries, the use of renewable energy sources and the conservation of water and soil throughout the supply chain is vital to reducing the overall environmental impact worldwide.

This commitment is not surprising given that Mars, Inc. is a family company with more than a hundred years of history. From the beginning, we have believed that a business can only thrive and survive for generations to come if the people we do business with - from the farmers who produce our raw materials, to our collaborators, customers and consumers - also thrive; and none of us can succeed if the planet we live on is not healthy.

Companies that invest in sustainability, attract not only customers but  also business partners and employees, especially young talented people, for whom it is important to find work in such companies. Therefore, it is clear that the protection of nature, alternative energy sources, the reduction of harmful gas emissions, the circular economy and sustainable consumption are the goals that modern companies should strive for.

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