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Food Drink Bulgaria Association participates in the National Meeting for Food Reformulation

На 18.04.0222г. се проведе Национална среща-семинар с академични среди и браншови организации за отчитане напредъка по реформулиране на храните в България. Срещата се организира от Министерство на здр...

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Innovation in times of crisis - a task with many unknowns

Crises are the right time for innovations. The participants in the third panel "Innovation in times of crisis" - part of the Fourth forum "Responsible Manufacturers", organized by...

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XIII Conference "Trends in Food and Beverage Packaging"

The importance of packaging, what problems it can solve and what problems it solves were the highlights of the Thirteenth Scientific and Practical Conference on "Trends in food and beverage packa...

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Ivo Dimitrov: The coffee market is currently BGN 420 million. We expect it to grow by 6% this year

How did the pandemic affect the coffee market in Bulgaria? What is the trend in the last two years? How much is the market worth for 2021 in volume and value? - In Bulgaria, approximately 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed per year, which is an average of one coffee per day from adults. According to our calculations based on Nielsen data, the market is around BGN 420 million. People continued to consume coffee during the pandemic, partially...



Coca-Cola sales surge offsetting rising costs

Sales at Coca-Cola surged 16% during the first quarter as crowds returned to movie theaters, music venues and sport stadiums, offsetting rising input costs for the company and the suspension of operations in Russia. Coca-Cola was among the companies to pull the plug on Russian operations after the country invaded neighboring Ukraine. But on Monday, it stuck by earlier revenue growth projections of 7% to 8% and per-share growth of 5% to 6% for...


Eco news

The deposit system for packaging will be effective with legislation that guarantees the involvement of all citizens and the protection of user interests

The Bulgarian soft drinks manufacturers and water bottling companies have envisioned a fully circular, bottle-to-bottle model for their packages, Jana Velichkova, executive director of the Bulgarian Soft Drinks Association (BSDA), announced at the PRIA Environment Bulgaria conference. The concept developed by BSDA aligns with the targets set by the European directive for collecting 90% of the PET beverage bottles (up to 3 liters) and re...



About us

Launched in 2018, Food Drink Bulgaria is the voice of the food and drink industry towards stakeholders and authorities. Food Drink Bulgaria brings together and popularizes the positions of its members in areas such as food safety and research, health and nutrition, consumer trust and choice, competitiveness and environmental sustainability, improving the regulatory framework and enhancing self-regulation.

The founders of the Association are some of the largest international and local companies operating in Bulgaria in the food and drink sector.
Food and Drink Bulgaria is a member of FooddrinkEurope - the most influential European organization in the food and beverage industry.
The organization is open to all companies and branch organizations in the sector.